How to Keep Your Memory Sharp for the IELTS General Training Exam

Maximize your training period to ace the IELTS General Training exam. Get to know its components, develop strategies for each one, and answer as many practice exams as you can. Use the following tips to make sure you retain everything you studied.

ielts general training

       1.    Keep calm.
It’s normal to feel stressed and nervous while preparing for a life-changing exam.
Just don’t let the pressure overwhelm you. Stress diminishes your ability to process information and retain them. So, make sure you’re not anxious when you pore over your JRooz Online Review materials. Meditate or do breathing exercises before your conduct study sessions.

        2.    Get enough sleep.
Believe it or not, you’re actually doing more harm than good to your IELTS review progress when you sacrifice sleep for it. Sure, you’ll cover more material. However, the chances of you not remembering most of what you studied is high. Your mind needs sleep to process and retain memories. Deprive yourself of rest and you’ll diminish your ability to understand and recall new information. Take naps if you can’t get the recommended eight hours. 

       3.    Use study strategies that promote better retention.
There are ways to study your IELTS General Training materials that’ll have you remembering their contents faster.  Here are some of them.

·         Paraphrase your lecture notes.
·         Reread and rewrite your lessons.
·         Divide lengthy or time-consuming study tasks.
·         Cater to your learning style.
·         Answer as many practice tests as you can.
·         Review your materials before going to bed. 
·         Use acronyms to remember complex information.
·         Associate complicated concepts to something that’s familiar to you.

       4.    Exercise.
Get your blood pumping! Working out has three memory-enhancing benefits: it improves blood circulation which enhances brain activity; it diminishes tension and stress; and it elevates sleep experience. So, add workouts to your daily routine.  

       5.    Take care of yourself.
A healthy body contributes to a healthy mind. So, stay hydrated, eat nutritious food, and drop any bad habits you have.

       6.    Don’t be your worst critic.
Did you score low in your last practice test? Don’t beat yourself up. It’ll only damage your self-confidence and lead you to second-guess your skills and memory. Be kind to yourself. Accept your results, determine your mistakes, and work on never committing them again.

Don’t waste weeks’ worth of intensive test preparations. Retain information better and recall them faster with these memory-enhancing tips. Enroll in a JRooz Online Review course to learn more ways to supercharge your test performance and score high in the life-changing exam.


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